Third Party Administration

  • Efficient claims processing and payment
  • Claims assessing
  • Fund management
  • Sales and marketing
  • Membership management
  • Key accounts management
  • Secretarial services
  • Client-centric servicing and support



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Healthcare Consulting

  • Health risk management protocol formulation and review
  • Utilisation and price management
  • Healthcare cost and quality tracking
  • Benefit design
  • Intelligent data management and analysis

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Health Risk Management

  • Service provider engagement
  • Actuarial and health informatics and analyses
  • Drug utilisation review
  • Actuarial services (benefit design, pricing and utilisation management)
  • Case management
  • Hospital authorisation

Healthcare IT Solutions

  • Various clinical classification standards such as ICD-10 diagnostic codes
  • Proactive health risk management through a rules-based clinical adjudication system
  • Highly parameterised functionality and customised client set-up
  • Fast response times; designed to deal with consistently high volumes of claims transactions
  • Flexibility; ability to be interfaced with various other systems running on different platforms

Our Clients

Registered in Zimbabwe as Medscheme Zimbabwe, Sovereign Health belongs to a bigger group, Medscheme Holdings. Sovereign Health is proud to provide sustainable healthcare solutions to these leading medical aids in Zimbabwe.

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